I’m in pain…

A life of chronic pain…that ain’t no life at all.


You need the pain to stop – now.

You’re not entirely sure what’s the cause and you aren’t sure when it started. What you do know is you are in pain – constantly.

You can’t function, focus or concentrate… 
You are alienating your family, losing your friends… 
You really just don’t care about anything. . . 

. . . except the pain.



Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Pain is the brain’s way of telling you that something is wrong, like a ‘check engine’ light that pops up in your car; telling you to stop and take notice. It’s an early warning sign requireing your attention before something more serious happens.

When your jaw joint (TMJ) is out of alignment or  working improperly, it causes an unbalanced bite. This uneven bite results in the muscles of your head, neck and jaws working harder than they should, basically over-compensating for the bad bite.

The overworked muscles from an unbalanced bite can result in pain that will show up as migraines, headaches, ear-aches, muscles tenderness, facial discomfort, a sore and tender jaw and a multitude of other symptoms.


Put your pain behind you

Pain is a complex problem. It may affect every aspect of your life – physical, emotional, mental, social, economical, personal . . . it’s contributing to a reduced quality of life. 

You might feel like you are suffering alone as family and friends may not understand and might even doubt the severity of your pain. But you should never doubt that your symptoms are real!

For some time now, (possibly even years) you have suffered from severe, debilitating discomfort. It might be in your jaw and mouth. Maybe in your face, eyes, ears, neck, shoulders and/or back. You have had a permanent headache for as long as you can remember, with no relief in sight. Pain sucks. And going through it on a daily basis is the foundation for a poor quality, less-than-wonderful life.

Remember when you lived every day without a care, lighthearted and happy? Your days used to be filled with laughter and joy, not anxiety and irritation. Pain is be a four-letter word that you never have to say again.


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