CPAP Alternatives

Alternative solutions to CPAP to fix your snoring

If you are a victim of snoring, you know what a hassle it can be. It’s a bother to others in your family, keeping them up at night as well and may even result in separate bedrooms. Most troublesome of all, it can result in sleep deprivation for you and serious health problems if you do not resolve the issue. Dr. Eddie Siman, sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, may have a solution to your problem, helping you to rid your life of that noisy rattle that disrupts the entire household and giving you a good night’s rest.

Why Are You Dealing with this Problem?

When you snore, there is an underlying, physical cause that is at the root of your problem. You are actually dealing with a partially obstructed airway that is likely due to a dental-related issue. You may have enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Your soft palate could droop. Excess tissue in your throat may add pressure to your airway. Regardless of the source of the problem, snoring means you are not getting unobstructed airflow to your lungs while you are at rest. It might only be to a minor degree or the problem could be major, resulting in serious health problems down the line if your body is habitually deprived of oxygen at night. When you have a consultation with Dr. Siman, he will ask you questions and perform an examination to determine what factors are at the heart of the matter when it comes to your snoring. From that point, he can offer you options for treatment.

Alternatives to the CPAP

You want to stop snoring and are willing to try almost anything. However, you dread the CPAP. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device is an effective solution for snoring, forcing a constant flow of air into your lungs while you sleep. However, you have to wear a mask, it produces noise, and you don’t like the idea of feeling tied down. This device can disturb the rest of your partner as well. Fortunately, you have another option when it comes to the nuisance of snoring. Oral appliances are effective in treating snoring and giving you the quality of sleep that you deserve.

An Effective Snoring Device

If you are searching for other options besides the CPAP machine, Dr. Siman can recommend a snoring device. There are a variety of oral appliances that are tailored to fit your mouth. They look similar to a mouth guard and are worn over the teeth. As you sleep, they keep your jaw in proper alignment. Your tongue will not drop back and space is created at the back of your throat, enhancing airflow while you sleep. You’ll breathe easily and no one will have to deal with that racket that used to keep them up at night as well. Best of all, you’ll experience all of the benefits that come with getting an adequate night’s sleep on a regular basis. Not only will you stop snoring, you’ll have increased energy levels and a healthier body.

Find Out How You Can Stop Snoring Today

Do you know that plenty of rest will mean better cardiovascular fitness and improve your power of concentration? You owe it to yourself to see Dr. Eddie Siman, sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, to find out how you can resolve your problems with snoring. Make an appointment today and take a step in the right direction to feeling rested and rejuvenated. Pleasant dreams can be yours when you take on snoring and find treatment alternatives that work for you.


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