I’m looking older than I feel…

Who is the fairest of them all…


Time may heal many wounds but it makes a pretty lousy beautician

Nothing gives away your age more than your smile. When a bad bite is thrown into the equation, the wear and tear on your teeth time and age cause, it can radically impact the appearance of your face. Suddenly you start to see your lips changing shape. Wrinkles and creases form and deepen beside your nose and mouth. Your lower lip starts to roll out, jowls begin to appear….. You can hardly recognize the ‘new you’.

A poorly aligned jaw causes deterioration of your teeth, chipping and wearing them down. You may begin to see sites of gum recession. Your bottom front teeth may begin to shift and become crooked.


It’s a slippery slope…

In addition to some obvious cosmetic changes to how your face and teeth look, a misaligned jaw contributes to a number of physical changes. When a bite is unbalanced, your muscle tension and activity are unbalanced. This can affect your entire posture.

It starts with a ‘pull’ on your head, which ‘pulls’ your posture, making it look as though you are slouching. The domino effect begins to cascade down your entire body – it can influence the position of your shoulder and your hips. So much so, that one shoulder or hip is visibly higher than the other.

Are you hiding your mouth and/or your face behind your hands? Showing your face to the world should be something you feel completely comfortable with. Taking care of your jaw alignment problems not only improves the function of your mouth, it improves your looks and erases obvious signs of aging. From filling in the gaps to providing you with next steps, the choice is all yours.

Did you know that with just a small piece of plastic, placed on your lower teeth, we can  restore your proper bite and can help to turn back the hands of time,  giving you a more youthful looking face and jaw.

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