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Lack of sleep will affect your job performance

The last thing you want when you are going to work in the morning is to feel sleepy. It is one thing to be groggy, and still in the process of waking up. However, being sleepy at 8am or 9am is a bad sign, because your mood and levels of performance will only decline from there. By the time it is 1pm or 2pm, you will be struggling to sit up, let alone get a productive few hours of work in. If a lack of sleep is getting in the way of your work performance, it is time to see a sleep disorder dentist immediately.

Lack of Sleep = Poor Job Performance

Even if you have worked at the same company for many years, it is unlikely that they will put up with your lethargic work performances for too long. Companies lose billions of dollars every year because employees are too tired to be productive. After a few days of coming to work exhausted, it is likely that you will begin to suffer the consequences. You will be overlooked for promotions, cast aside at team/company meetings, and eventually put in a position where your job is at risk.

It does not matter what type of job you do, a lack of sleep will impact your performance. If you work behind a desk with computers, you will get far less done when you are tired. A report that would normally take you an hour will take two hours. Multiply that by five or ten assignments, and you will begin to fall behind due to the fact that you are having difficulty concentrating.

“I feel sleepy all the time,” is not something you should have to tell your co-workers. A lack of sleep can have dangerous effects if you work in an industry which requires you to deal with customers. For example, a taxi driver cannot afford to be exhausted when he/she is at work. Even the slightest difficulty concentrating or slower reflexes could result in a car accident, potential injuries to yourself and passenger, and even accidental death.

Get help from Dr. Eddie Siman

If you have to tell yourself, “I feel sleepy all the time,” it is probably a good idea to consult a specialist. Dr. Eddie Siman has been dealing with sleep disorders for many years, and is an expert in the field. When you contact his office, you will be instructed to take a sleep test. This sleep disorder test will help the doctors determine the extent of your sleep apnea. Depending on the severity of the case, a set of solutions will be put to you.

More often than not, a change in diet, lifestyle and sleeping area is part of sleep apnea treatment. In many cases, this step proves to be sufficient in dealing with an individual’s mild sleep apnea. However, a CPAP device is recommended for those who have more serious cases of sleep apnea. This item will fit precisely in your lower jaw, and it will improve the airflow that comes in and out of your mouth. After just a few uses, you will begin to see improvements in your sleeping cycles.

Many people feel ashamed that they are having problems sleeping, or think that the problem will resolve itself. Do not make that mistake. It is vital that you come see a doctor if you are struggling to sleep on a regular basis. Not sleeping properly for one or two nights a month is one thing, but when it becomes a regular occurrence you know you have a problem.
If you are having trouble sleeping, it is imperative that you contact Dr. Eddie Siman, a professional sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks.


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