Measure your front teeth – Test

Test – Measure your Front Teeth



Your upper front teeth are typically 10.0 mm to 11.5 mm long from the edge to where the white enamel meets the yellower root surface – usually the gum line unless there has been gum recession on the tooth. Then the  tooth looks longer than it is due to the recession of gum and bone from the root.

If your big front tooth is shorter than 9 mm, you are wearing the tooth down past where a tooth would be reduced to create a veneer or porcelain crown. A tooth that is only 8 mm long has been broken and worn past what any dentist would need to properly restore it. In other words,  any tooth shorter than 8 mm means the end result is compromised for restoration.

The lower front teeth are typically about 7.0 mm to 9 mm long. Again, this is from the tip of tooth to where the root starts. If the tooth is worn shorter than that, again, the tooth has been seriously damaged. Wear on lower front teeth is more severe as these are tiny teeth to begin with and a loss of tooth structure is very compromising to a proper restoration of the teeth.