Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for sleeping disorders

If you are having sleepless nights, ortodontic treatment may help to alleviate your symptoms. This is because the shape of your lower jaw, how it fits with your upper jaw and the way your teeth fit together can affect your ability to breathe normally, and in turn, this will cause you to have sleepless nights. For example, a deep overbite is a condition that can cause sleep apnea.

Jaw alignment, the position of each tooth and the spacing of your dental arch can in subtle ways obstruct your breathing passages. Braces, along with other dental devices, can fix these problems by repositioning your teeth and expanding the upper and lower jaw making more room. This widens the dental arch and allows air to flow through more easily.

Are you are tired of being exhausted and want to find a solution? Then visiting your sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles or Sherman Oaks will allow you to find the best treatment. Braces and other dental devices used by orthodontists may be the right treatment for your condition. You can feel confident that all your symptoms will be assessed, and the treatment that suits your needs will be found.

What results can I expect from braces?

Braces and other orthodontic devices can permanently change the shape of your jaw and the position of your teeth. This is the primary reason braces have recently been considered an integral part of treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Eddie Siman rarely uses braces alone to treat sleep apnea. It often takes a multidisciplinary approach, but recent research is showing that orthodontic treatment is an important part of coming to a permanent solution. It is important to combine braces with lifestyle changes and possibly other medical devices to receive the full positive result of braces.

Most importantly, ortodontic treatment is specifically useful in children as having misaligned teeth or unevenly developed jaws are the most common reasons for them to have difficulty breathing in their sleep. Guiding their jaws into a proper position, correcting their bite and straightening their teeth when they are young is also a preventative to developing more serious sleeping disorders when they are adults.

Call Dr. Eddie Siman, who is a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, and see what the possibilities are to treat your sleeping problems. A treatment to help you breathe more efficiently, sleep deeply and improve your overall health might just be a few steps away.


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