No More TMJ Pain

No More TMJ Pain

Stop teeth grinding by correcting the Bite

This client was experiencing years of discomfort as a result of grinding his teeth. In these instances, we restore the teeth to proper length and function and correct the bite to the proper physiological position.

“Millennium Dental take their work seriously and it was a surprise to see professionals be so passionate about their work and looking at their work as artists do.

The fact that I came in and in two visits they were able to do the top row of my teeth, and they needed a lot of work, it was evident to me that they knew what they were doing. I was very surprised to hear that a dentist can get rid of my headaches, my shoulder pain, and my back pain by readjusting my bite and relaxing the muscles in my jaw. My pain was gone plus I got a new smile to go along with it.

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TMJ Bite Corrected Tinnitus Cured

Millennium Dental provides TMJ Treatment for the Los Angeles areas of Imperial County, Yuma and Sherman Oaks.