Posture 1 – Test (front)

Test – Posture 1  – Front


  • Stand in front of a mirror (or have someone ready to take a photo of you standing in front of a wall)
  • Stand so that your feet are  ‘shoulder width’ apart
  • Close your eyes and turn your head left and right as far as you can go, look up then down as far as you can go then open your eyes and look in the mirror or have someone take a photo
  • Look at the level of your shoulders. Are they even or is one lower than the other? If one shoulder is lower, even by a little, look at how your neck has been compensated by being  off level to help compensate.
  • Look at your head position. You will see that it is tilted in order to bring your eyes level with the world. We cannot walk around the world with our eyes and more importantly our ears off level. Our eyes give us visual reference but our ears give us balance through our inner ears which contain the organs of balance. If those becomes disrupted, you will be dizzy.
  • Look at how your head is rotated vertically off of center. When your head is tipped you will also turn your head left or right to bring it into a more centered position.

Remember, all of your movements require muscle activity. Constant uneven muscle strain on your head and neck and  on your neck vertebrae adding up over your lifetime, create pain and/or damage.