Bad sleeps leads to bad relationships

If a couple has been married, say 10 years or so, they might be asked: “What makes a good, healthy relationship?” They might answer: “Honesty, fidelity, and a sense of humor.” Overall, probably true, but here’s an even better reply: “A good night’s sleep!”

That’s it. If you truly want a healthy, happy togetherness, pay attention to this old but new adage: “Bad sleeps leads to bad relationships.” It makes sense. There you are at 3 a.m., the whole house seems eerily quiet. Even the cat is asleep. Not a foot away is your partner, sleeping peacefully and also snoring loudly. There you are, wide-eyed, twitchy, nudging his or her shoulder, trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to go sleep on the couch. You finally fall asleep and wake up tired and grumpy. If someone asks what is the matter, what do you say: “My wife snores loudly,” or “My husband snores keep me awake”?

What if you’re the snorer? You don’t realize what is going on and you can’t appreciate it fully if you’re told. So you’re both unhappy and that leads to a bad relationship. You can’t relax, you don’t communicate, you’re annoyed, and you’re tired.

Would you like to change that feeling and make the first step toward a better relationship, a happier, healthier marriage? That first step is a call to Millennium Dental and Dr. Eddie Siman, a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks. Your call will schedule a free consultation and start you on the way to better sleep and a better relationship.

Millennium Dental has been offering dental services for more than 18 years, including restorative, cosmetic, neuromuscular, and sleep disorder therapy. Here is the place to find an effective remedy for disordered sleep and a rocky relationship. You’ll feel better and so will your partner. This private practice offers a spa where you can enjoy comfort and relaxation until you reach your goal, which is a full night’s sleep, which leads to better overall health and a much happier both of you.

If you haven’t thought of it before, you’ll soon began to see how important healthy sleep is to your overall sense of wellness. Sleep can and does make a difference. Are you finally tired of the old excuses? Do you never want to say “My wife snores loudly” or “My husband snores keep me awake” even one more time? Get started on that better relationship today. Contact Dr. Eddie Siman, sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, and get sleep back in your life.


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