Shortened / Chipped Teeth – Test

Shortened / Chipped Teeth Test



Teeth wear not from eating or chewing but from grinding and clenching. Grinding is the body’s way of attempting to prevent an interference in the bite. If your teeth mesh together in a position where the jaw muscles or jaw joints are strained, a natural reaction is to grind them to a more comfortable position. This is rarely an ideal or  stable position.

What occurs is that  you grind back to where the teeth mesh the most. This is typically a strained position so you grind more to where the muscles and jaws feel better. Then this is an unstable position so you grind back to where the teeth mesh together the most. And the cycle continues – you get the idea. You grind back and forth till your teeth become worn and chipped. It is no different than having a rock in the tread of your running shoes. You always feel it and you have to do something about it – so you stop and remove it out from your shoe.

Unfortunately your teeth are not that easy to  “Remove” so your uneven bite continues to grind, damaging your teeth.



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