Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Sleep Apnea treatment

If you are suffering from sleep apnea or other sleep disordered breathing problems, you know that it can truly present a challenge to your health. It can rob you of a good night’s rest, make you feel fatigued, trouble your partner at night, and can have a major impact on your well-being. Your power of concentration can be affected, making you have difficulties performing daily tasks and maintaining focus at work. You can experience weight gain, depression, and a host of other problems due to this sleep disorder. If you are at wit’s end and looking for answers, Dr. Eddie Siman is a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks that can offer you possible solutions.

The First Step Begins with a Proper Diagnosis

You may suspect that you have sleep apnea or some other form of sleep disorder, yet not have pinpointed the problem. You need to begin with a sleep disorder evaluation. When you set up a consultation with Dr. Eddie Siman, you will benefit from years of experience from a dentist who specializes in sleep disorder dentistry. Through a variety of methods, Dr. Siman will be able to identify potential sleep disorders.

A thorough physical examination of your mouth and throat will be performed to determine if there are any issues that could be causing your sleep difficulties. You will also answer questions about your sleeping patterns, if you snore, and your energy levels. People who always feel like there are running on empty no matter how much they sleep are candidates for a sleep disorder. You may also need to participate in a sleep study in order to gather more information. Dr. Siman will be able to narrow down the possibilities based on sleep study results and his evaluation to move on to treatment options.

Sleep Disorder Treatment Options

Once Dr. Siman gets to the bottom of your snoring, sleep apnea, or other sleep disordered breathing difficulties, you’ll be given a list of treatment options.
One of the first recommendations may be lifestyle changes. If you are overweight, weight loss could relieve your breathing problem to ensure your airway is not blocked by excess tissue. You can also practice habits that will assist you in having a more restful sleep by doing relaxation techniques and establishing regular sleep pattern. When these changes are not enough, Dr. Siman can recommend alternatives.

Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic appliances are commonly used to address sleep disorders. An appliance will be made that is tailored to fit your mouth. The appliance is worn while you sleep and makes adjustments in the position of your jaw, tongue, uvula, and the soft palate. The device is effective in clearing your airway and will strengthen affected muscles as well.


Provent is new on the scene for treating sleep apnea. If this is recommended, you’ll put tiny patches that have plugs attached to them in your nostrils. This device is effective in allowing air to flow easily while you sleep.


A CPAP machine, or continuous airway pressure machine, requires you to wear a mask at night that is connected to a machine. Air is forced into your airway throughout the night to ensure your body is getting enough oxygen.


When all else fails, Dr. Siman may recommend surgery. Portions of the soft palate, throat, uvula, tonsils, adenoids, and tonsils could be addressed.

Did you know that adequate sleep can benefit your health, give you more energy, and help you to feel better? Contact Dr. Siman’s office today, a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks. Discover how a sleep disorder evaluation can help.


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