About Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, it can truly wreak havoc on your health. Common indicators of loss of sleep include a feeling of fatigue that simply never goes away, a lack of energy, a mental fog that makes it impossible to concentrate, and extra pounds that start creeping up and are difficult to shed. You need a good night’s rest in order to allow your body to undergo essential repairs during the night, recharging your system for the next day. When you sleep well, for a solid seven to eight hours a night on a regular basis, your blood pressure will drop, your heart rate slows, and you’ll experience overall well-being.

However, if you are deprived of sleep for an extended period of time, you actually put yourself at risk of serious health problems involving your cardiovascular system. Sleep deprivation usually stems from sleep disordered breathing problems. If sleep deprivation is plaguing you, Dr. Eddie Siman, a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, can help you to get to the root of your problem.

The Most Common Culprits for Sleep Deprivation

If you suffer from loss of sleep or a lack of energy, snoring could be to blame. If you have a partner, you are probably already aware that you snore at night because that is keeping the both of you from sleeping well. However, you may not be aware of the problem if you live on your own. You’ll snore when breathing is obstructed in some way, but not to the point of completely blocking air flow. If you snore, it could can be an indicator of a more serious problem.

Sleep apnea, a victim will stop breathing for ten seconds or more at a time. This can occur repeatedly through the night. If you suffer from this problem, you may not even realize it unless a partner has heard you struggling to breathe in the night. This problem can be due to physical issues that obstruct the airway, such as too much tissue in the throat, a soft palate that gets in the way, or swollen tonsils and adenoids. In rare cases, sleep apnea can be due to a problem with the central nervous system in which the brain is not communicating well with your body when it comes to breathing.

What’s the Solution for Sleep Deprivation?

If you are suffering from a lack of sleep and believe sleep disordered breathing could be at the heart of the matter, or you are not sure why there is a problem, Dr. Eddie Siman can assist you. Set up a consultation to visit with the doctor and talk about the problems that you are experiencing. Expect a physical examination of your mouth and throat to determine if there is a visible sign of an obstruction. You’ll also discuss your sleeping patterns and how you have been physically affected from your lack of sleep.

A sleep study may be recommended to observe you during the night. Once Dr. Siman has determined what is causing your sleep deprivation, he can make recommendations for treatment. The use of oral appliances, a CPAP machine, and surgery are possible alternatives to clear your airway at night and give you the sleep that you need in order to be healthy.

Don’t Wait to Resolve Sleep Deprivation Problems

Did you know that sleep deprivation can shorten your life? Don’t hesitate to address your loss of sleep now before you suffer serious consequences with your health sometime down the line. Contact Dr. Eddie Siman, sleep disorder dentist  in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, and learn about possible solutions for you.


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