Sleep Disorder Causes

Sleep Disorder Causes and Complications

You spend hours tossing and turning, desperately trying to find a position that is comfortable enough to let you fall asleep. When you finally do get a bit of shut-eye, you find yourself waking up frequently. If you aren’t waking up on your own, your bed partner is nudging you, trying to stop your snoring. When loss of sleep is a nightly routine for yourself and your bed partner, your overall health is suffering, and you need to find a solution.

Sleep disorders, including snoring and sleep apnea, lead to numerous severe health complications. Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, obesity and depression can all occur as the result of sleep deprivation. It can also cause problems at work and in your personal relationships. When you aren’t fully rested, your brain doesn’t function properly, and you could even be a danger to yourself or others when performing everyday tasks like driving. The health problems associated with prolonged sleep deprivation are astonishing.

Antidepressants and Sleep Disorders

Depression is one of the health complications most closely associated with sleep disorders. While lack of sleep generally is not a sole cause of depression, it does contribute to its symptoms. In depressed individuals, sleeplessness often intensifies the symptoms of depression.

When depression becomes severe enough to interfere with one’s daily life, doctors commonly prescribe antidepressants. While these medications do wonders in elevating the moods of countless individuals, they are also associated with causing or aggravating sleep disorders. Because antidepressants alter the chemicals in the brain, it is not a surprise that they have an impact on sleep habits. In addition to causing general sleeplessness, they have been associated with a condition known as REM behavior disorder which causes people to act dreams while they are sleeping. With sleeplessness leading to depression and antidepressants contributing to a variety of sleep disorders, it becomes a cycle that is difficult to break.

Treatments for Sleep Disorders

When seeking treatment for loss of sleep caused by sleep apnea and other disorders, you may not even think about visiting a dentist. Sleep disorder dentists, however, specialize in dental treatments that reduce the impact of sleep disorders. If you live in California and are looking for a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles or Sherman Oaks Dr. Eddie Siman is an excellent choice. He specializes in treating patients with sleep disorders. Because most sleep disorders are related to breathing problems caused by blocked, collapsed or restricted airways, dental treatments that work to keep the airways clear are extremely beneficial.

If you are looking for the latest treatments from a highly skilled sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles or Sherman Oaks, Millennium Dental is an ideal place to start your search. Dr. Eddie Siman has years of experience, and he knows how to effectively treat sleep disorders using comfortable, custom-made appliances. Before seeing your regular doctor and settling for CPAP as a treatment for your sleep disorder, visit a sleep disorder dentist to find out about alternative treatments that are equally effective.


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