Sleep Disorder Cost

The Cost of a Sleep Disorder

• Potentially shortened life expectancy
• Lower quality of life
• Constant pain

These don’t look too be very good now do they?

Sleep Disorder Treatment: A Comparison

Let’s look at your car. You are preparing for a fun family road trip and everything is ready. Car is packed, cooler filled with snacks and goodies, tank has been topped off and it’s now time to hit the road. But…

You can’t go anywhere because it won’t start! Now your trip which was supposed to be fun and everyone was excited for is in jeopardy and you are stranded in your driveway.
This day was coming and you knew it. You knew it would die and was just hoping that it wasn’t going to be now of all times. But it did and now you are left helpless, feeling agitated and frustrated, and now instead of a family vacation, you are in a tight spot.

Well the next step is a new car. Time to shop around, ask friends and family for their suggestions and advice. Then compare prices, features, advantages and disadvantages of different models and styles. Lastly research options and do your homework. Once all of these things have been done, it is now time to make a purchase a new car.

This Analogy and Your Mouth


Sounds strange, but if you think about this, the same analogy of buying a car can be said about your health. Shouldn’t the same amount of time spent researching and considering car choices be done about your health as well? After all, your health should be much more important than a car right? A car can last a couple years with proper maintenance and care, but your health will be around for a lifetime. That’s pretty significant.

Just like with a car, warning signs can be evident that something is amiss or not running smoothly. This can be signs of exhaustion all the time, not waking up refreshed, or just not getting the right about of sleep. This could be because of a sleep shortage or other health problems.

If you know something isn’t right regarding your health and you ignore it and let it go untreated, the bigger the problem can be. If you think you have problems now, they will become increasingly worse the longer you wait. The longer you wait the more problems can be found and this can lead to higher needs and costs which can be not necessary.

Sleep deprivation can lead to very serious health problems which include high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Your body needs rest to help rejuvenate and maintain its health. The cost for not getting the treatments needed for a sleep disorder can be the price of losing your health.

Millennium Dental can work with you to find a solution to your sleep disorder that can suit your needs and fit within your budget. If you’re looking for a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Eddie Siman is available to answer your questions and provide you with excellent care.

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Your health is one of your main priorities and good oral health is part of that

Millennium Dental will determine the best treatment plan for your needs and help to find an affordable payment plan that works for you.

Your health requires sleep and this includes your oral health. Be proactive instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen like your car. Sleep deprivation doesn’t have to stop you. Contact one of the best sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks available, Dr. Eddie Siman today.


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