Smile Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your smile


How your smile was formed

altYour smile was defined in your early days. Childhood allergies, early tooth loss, missing teeth, thumb sucking, large tonsils and adenoids — all these factors contributed to how your upper and lower jaw have developed, how your teeth fit  together, and what your smile looks like today.


It’s not just your smile – but your entire facial appearance too

altOver time, things wear out! Even…your smile.

Time might be a great healer, but it’s an unkind master as we age. Time not only affects the front teeth, but the back teeth too. And ‘wear’ affects not only your teeth, it  adds years to your face.


As teeth wear, the lower and the upper jaw move closer together.Think of it as your chin is moving upwards – closer to your nose. Shortening of your teeth causes your lips to change over time, creases to  form on the sides of your nose and mouth, and jowls to appear on the sides of your jaw.

Smile Rejuvenation (surgery-free)as simple as 4 easy steps

Previously, there was little that could be done to turn back the hands of time. UNTIL NOW. Smile Rejuvenation returns BALANCE to your bite by re-aligning and restoring your teeth. Millennium Dental works to  re-create the best bite possible for you, with the goal of freeing  you from problems that may have developed in childhood or in your adult life.


Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Choose your smile from our Smile Catalogue

STEP 2: Impressions of your teeth are taken

STEP 3: A wax “mock-up” of your smile is made for you to preview

STEP 4: With porcelain veneers, your smile is restored, to the look you always wanted


Choose your smile…



Smile Rejuvenation can make you LOOK and FEEL younger

altMillennium Dental strives to return your teeth to their natural size and restore a worn smile. Smile Rejuvenation allows us to fix both cosmetic AND functional concerns.

Remember that great smile you had (or always wanted), get it now!


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