An Oral appliance for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

A treatment that has been proven to help those who snore and those with sleep apnea. The SomnoDent MAS™ works by keeping your air passages open, allowing your heart to have a continuous source of oxygen.

It is a Mandibular Advancement appliance consisting of two dental plates. Mandibular refers to your lower jaw, and it works by extending your jaw out thereby creating a space in the back of your throat. It is placed in a position and made in a way that will calm the muscles of the airway, and it prevents the jaw and tongue from falling back and blocking the air you inhale.

The Somnodent appliance is custom made to suit your mouth and jaw shape. It is an alternative to CPAP, which uses a machine designed to keep air passage ways open by giving persistent pressure and airflow. In severe cases, somnodent treatment is best combined with CPAP as this allows the pressure to be lowered and makes it more comfortable. The combination of CAPA and Somnodent plus works more effectively than only using CAPA.

When you consult with Dr. Eddie Siman, a known professional sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles or Sherman Oaks, he will assess your symptoms and determine the right treatment for you.

Why SomnoDent MAS™ Is the Lead Oral Appliance

The SomnoDent MAS™is very similar to a mouth guard used by athletes. However, a major difference is that the SomnoDent is a medical device that is clinically tested and made precisely to fit your mouth. When symptoms are in the mild to moderate range, it is decidedly effective in preventing a person from snoring and treating sleep apnea.

The benefits of somnodent are numerous. Compared to other oral appliances, the ease, comfort and success rate is what makes it distinct. Here is a look at its positive qualities:

  • Comfortable and easy to use, one of the best user-friendly oral appliances available today
  • Approved by the FDA to treat snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Discreet, small, easy to adjust and made to fit
  • Somnodent treatment is safe and effective
  • One year warranty and a second year extended warranty
  • Allows you to drink and speak
  • Allows you to open and close your mouth normally
  • Extraordinary patient tolerance and compliance
  • Made with superior quality materials

SomnoDent MAS™ is one of the only oral appliances that has been extensively tested and researched. The effectiveness has been validated with respected medical journals publishing the results. It is clinically proven to be successful in treating mild to moderate symptoms of OSA. When symptoms are severe, used in combination with CPAP gives the best results, but note that success cannot be assured in all cases.

It also offers high value for the cost. The comfort, quality, warranty, success rate and the lifelong usability make it an unequaled oral appliance product in the market. Other benefits of somnodent are that it prevents you from stress biting and grinding your teeth, which helps against decay and deterioration. CPAP alone does not do this.

Assured Comfort and Ease with Somnodent

The Somnodent is made specifically for you. When you visit your sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles or Sherman Oaks, you will be measured so that the appliance can be made to fit your mouth. It is painless and discreet, and the customization makes it possible for you to sleep with maximum comfort and no intrusiveness.

You can now have a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested and enthusiastic to start your day. You can finally begin putting your life back to normal.

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