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Dealing with your sleep deprivation

When we lay down for the night, we allow our body to repair, restore and cleanse itself. This impacts how we feel emotionally, physically and mentally. However, when we lose out on sleep, this process is interrupted. We may not be as restored as required to adequately face the challenges of life. Additionally, missing out on sleep can weaken the immune system and foster illness.

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue impacting millions of lives all over the world. Some people experience issues with sleeping occasionally, perhaps once a week, and then are able to recover fully the next night. This is not the case for everyone. Chronic sleep deprivation can have deep rooted causes that cannot be easily fixed.

What Are the Causes of Sleep Deprivation

People can lose out on restorative sleep for hundreds of unique reasons. These reasons can typically be placed into three categories: physical, environmental and mental.

  • Physical. People with serious illnesses often require medicine to go to sleep strictly because of the pain and discomfort created by their illness. A less extreme and more common example of a physical sleep impairment is when snoring. Snoring can cause the snorer to wake themselves up throughout the night, which interrupts important REM cycles. This is why seeking out the right snoring remedies are so important, they can help people truly find rest.
  • Environmental. A neighbour with chickens, a spouse who snores and noisy children are all great examples of environmental causes of sleep issues. While some of these can only be solved by moving (or asking your neighbours to get rid of their chickens), there are very effective snoring remedies for those who require them. Dr. Eddie Siman is one of the leading sleep disorder dentists in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks and always suggests anyone losing out on sleep due to snoring seek professional assistance.
  • Mental. You can’t stop thinking when it’s time to go to bed, which disrupts the quality of sleep that you receive. Alternatively, mental distress can cause you to have nightmares or toss and turn throughout the night. The solution to mental related sleep disorders can be quite complicated. Begin with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

You Don’t Have to Live with a Sleep Disorder

Imagine waking up tomorrow well rested, refreshed and ready for the day. How would your life change? Would you perhaps be more friendly, outgoing and productive?

There’s no reason for anyone to live with a sleep disorder. When we lay down for the evening, it’s vital that we remain uninterrupted while our body repairs and restores itself. Regardless of your unique cause of your sleep disorder, you can find a solution. One of the most common reasons for missing out on sleep is snoring. Either the snorer wakes themselves up or the snorer wakes up other people. In both situations, there is a solution. You must find the best sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles / Sherman Oaks.

Dr. Eddie Siman is one of the leading experts in sleep disorders, especially those pertaining to snoring. He has found throughout his time as a dentist that snoring issues can be corrected. However, buying a ‘one size fits all’ type product does not always work. He suggests that people with snoring related sleep disorders contact a specialist to receive a custom solution to their problem.

Don’t spend another restless night wishing you could sleep. It’s time to take control of the situation and find the solution to your problem. Whether your cause is mental, physical or environmental, there is no reason for you to continue to live without receiving restful sleep.


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