The success rate of TMJ treatment

The success rate of TMJ Treatment

If you are suffering from TMJ Syndrome, you know that living with the pain is an unbearable option. Many people will experience some type of TMJ disorder in their lifetime and the discomfort can sometimes heal on its own. However, there are a percentage of TMJ sufferers whose symptoms are persistent. If you are in chronic pain due to TMJ Disorder, seeking out medical attention is the only option. When it comes to the methods of treatment for TMJ syndrome, however, the options are many.

Often TMJ Disorder will be misdiagnosed when treatment is first sought out. This is because TMJ symptoms can sometimes be mistaken as other ailments. For example, if your symptoms show up as severe headaches and migraines, inflammatory drugs may be prescribed. While this may offer temporary relief, the actual cause of your headaches will not be treated, resulting in a need for constant medication and further frustration. This can also be the case if your symptoms show up as neck and back pain. Muscle relaxants may be prescribed, offering the same problem as the headache treatment. If you have unexplained chronic pain, it could be time to see a TMJ specialist.

If your general practitioner, whether it is your family doctor or dentist, recognizes that your TMJ may be the cause of your symptoms they may offer several at-home treatments, such as hot or cold compresses for your face, prescribed exercise to relieve stress, or even facial massage therapy. While these treatments can be effective for minor complications, chances are if you are seeking medical treatment, your complications are more severe. Again this is a case where treatment may provide temporary relief but your TMJ Disorder will continue to return.


A misaligned bite

When TMJ Disorder is severe, it is often that caused by a misaligned bite. Your jaw simply does not properly align, either due to genetics, accident, or crooked teeth. When this is the case, a general dentist may prescribe a mouth guard or splint to prevent you from grinding your teeth and keep your jaw in a more relaxed position. While some may find these solutions useful, more often than not the benefits are varied. A mouth guard or splint can lose effectiveness over time and some people complain of more pain when wearing one. For bite correction, TMJ specialists generally consider porcelain veneers the best method of treatment.

Porcelain veneers allow a TMJ specialist to fix your bite in a few days, rather than the years it would take with braces. Veneers provide the right bite management and improve the appearance of your teeth as well. Millennium Dental are Los Angeles TMJ Dentists that specializes in this method. Through advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, Millennium Dental are able to correctly diagnose your TMJ symptoms and prescribe the proper treatment to offer you relief. Eighty-five percent of their patients are symptom-free after treatment. The other fifteen percent are usually traumatic accident victims, who due to their severe injuries, cannot be completely cured, however they often experience improvement from Millennium Dental treatment.

Stop living with the pain of your TMJ Disorder and get the right treatment to bring you the relief you seek. Consulting with TMJ specialist Millennium Dental is your first step to a new tomorrow.


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