TMJ Consultation & Diagnosis

Consultation and Diagnosis of TMJ


A complete consultation with Millennium Dental

After meeting with the Millennium Dental team for a one HOUR TMJ CONSULTATION, they will go over the cause of your TMJ problem(s) and some possible solutions. There are many treatment options that can be tailored  for your needs.

During the consultation we may request a digital CAT Scan of your jaws to determine if there are any jaw joint disease or breathing issues. Our team can explain the costs of this service, which is done within our office.


We begin by gathering scientific data

1. Careful Observations of the signs and symptoms of your TMJ Disorder and symptoms and how it affects your posture and whether there is any muscle tenderness, jaw joint function and tooth and gum tissue damage. 

2. Special radiographs of your teeth and jaw joints. We use  digital, low radiation CAT Scan Technology.

3. Detailed casts of both upper and lower teeth.

4. Neuromuscular testing with the advanced K-7 instrumentation.


5. A relaxed bite is recorded.

6. The bite recording is used to make models of your teeth in the relaxed position.

7. The way the teeth meet in this relaxed state is observed.

8. An Orthotic is made for your mouth at the relaxed position. The Orthotic covers the biting surface of all the lower teeth.

Relax – no more tension

When your jaw finds its most natural and comfortable position, your TMJ symptoms will begin to disappear. The pain and discomfort associated with your jaw misalignment will disappear as well. The first step in determining the most optimal jaw position – where the muscles are relaxed and at rest – requires the help of state of the art technology.


How does T.E.N.S. work

TENS or a Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation (TENS) is the therapy Millennium Dental uses for the treatment of facial muscle pain associated with TMJ.

Mild pulses are placed on your facial muscles, relaxing face and jaw muscles. This procedure will determine the proper position of your jaw for your mouth.

The activity of your muscles and joints is measured and analyzed to create your orthotic. The orthotic will allow your jaw to close to its optimum position. In this position, the muscles are at an ideal length and will not go into spasm.

Muscles will be able to heal, joint capsules will be able to heal and pain trigger points will go away.

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