TMJ Patient Testimonials

Satisfied Patients are Saying…

Due to clenching and grinding of my teeth while sleeping, some of teeth were beginning to break off. There was also a sloping of the right side of my jaw. Millennium Dental suggested a full mouth restoration that would correct my bite.

The process was clearly outlined to me, and I had the feeling that that AI was in competent hands.

I was amazed at the skill of Millennium Dental as we went through the procedures. Millenium Dental did in 2 sessions what many dentists do in 4 or 7 visits.

By the end of the second session, the result was spectacular. The feel of my bite was changed, and the look of my smile was transformed. It looked so natural that I was delightfully shocked.

There was another side benefit: I have a condition know as tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. I thought it was from my days as a working musician. I’ve now come to see that it was directly connected to my jaw. The ringing was reduced about 80% to 90%.

In addition to being technical wizards at what they do, Millennium Dental treated me with respect, and concern for my welfare at all times. They listened to my needs and responded. The staff is outstanding. Not only are they experts at what they do, but they create an atmosphere of joy and humor that was indispensable to my having a good experience. I am so grateful to them.

GD., PhD.

I have suffered from TMJ for almost 15 years. A year ago I started feeling dizzy all the time and noticed a loud ringing developing in my ears. I went to many different specialists and was misdiagnosed a few times, undergoing various unnecessary treatments. After no relief from my symptoms, it was suggested by a family friend that the problem might be from TMJ. I knew I had TMJ, but didn’t realize that it was causing these problems. I had been given an upper mouthguard from another dentists that only seemed to make matters worse. I had a lot of tightness in my neck, shoulders and jaw area, which also lead to headaches. I came to Millennium Dental and after starting the treatment with the Tens machine, I immediately felt relaxation in my jaw. Within a day of using the oral orthotic, the pressure in my jaw and mouth was greatly released and my jaw stopped clicking. I also had a very restful night of sleep, as I was not grinding all night. I am very happy to be on my way to feeling better, after so much stress and pain. The people that work at Millennium Dental are very friendly and I feel that they genuinely care about my wellbeing. I’m so happy that my condition is being fixed before it got worse, and I’m thankful that I found someone who knows how to properly treat TMJ.


Before I came to Millennium Dental, I had bad TMJ problems which caused me a great deal of pain. I received a promotional advertisement in the mail and decided to come in. My first impression of Millennium Dental was that they knew their stuff. They explained to me my problem and the solutions in which to fix it. The Millennium staff are extremely helpful throughout the whole process. After I got my guard set to my mouth, I really feel that it is doing the trick. I have no more pain and I felt my jaw slowly going into the right position.

Thank you Millennium Dental for helping me live a better, pain free life!


Before coming to see Millennium Dental, I was told that I had to live with the pain of my TMJ – that unless I wanted to have surgery, nothing else could be done. After doing some research on the internet I discovered that Millennium Dental uses advanced technology to help TMJ sufferers live pain free lives and I decided to pay him a visit. And boy am I glad I did!
The appliance that they designed for me is priceless. Not only does it get rid of my TMJ pain but it’s also comfortable to wear! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it.

Thank you so much!


Millennium Dental take their work seriously and it was a fresh surprise to see a professional be so passionate about his work and looking at his work as an artist does. The fact that I came in and in two visits he was able to do the top row of my teeth, and they needed a lot of work, it was evident to me that they knew what they were doing. I was very surprised to hear that a dentist can get rid of my headaches, my shoulder pain, and my back pain by readjusting my bite and relaxing the muscles in my jaw. My pain has gone plus I got a new smile to go along with it


There were many different dentist, orthodontist, and even acupunctures physicians that I had visited to relieve the symptoms of my painful TMJ disorder. Having tried nearly a half dozen professionals with no signs of sustained, permanent relief, I came across Millennium Dental’s website accidentally. However, this was an accident I have become very grateful for. Aside from the friendly staff and convincing expertise in this field, Millennium Dental’s approach to cure my symptoms was the most unique and straightforward out of all the others. Their decision to use pulse therapy to first relax my muscles; thereby allowing my jaw to function in its natural position seemed so simple yet so many professionals overlooked it.

I am therefore very grateful for all that Millennium Dental have provided to me not just for a comforting doctors visit and real professionalism, but also for taking the time to diagnose a patient correctly.

Thank you for all you help in relieving my TMJ symptoms!


My experience with Millennium Dental has been very pleasant. They are very attentive and professional. Before I came to Millennium Dental I was experiencing severe headaches, shoulders, and back pain etc. Since Millennium Dental has treated my TMJ with an orthodontic I feel like a new person! I don’t have any headaches or pain in my jaw, shoulders and back.

Although the appliance seemed a bit pricey at first it’s well worth the money. I was spending twice as much on massages and chiropractic treatments.

Best money I ever spent!


Millennium Dental provides TMJ Treatment for the Los Angeles areas of Imperial County, Yuma and Sherman Oaks.