Unbalanced Dentistry

Unbalanced dental treatments


“My teeth don’t line up when I bite down

A ‘bad bite’ is definitely one of the leading causes of TMJ, affecting your jaw alignment and muscle tone and can create TMJ.

It can result in years of pain, a face that is functionally inadequate, changing the shape and ultimately leading to the deformation of your overall appearance.

The causes of an unbalanced bite vary from person to person.


Underneath the surface…

Even though you may gone through all the trouble and expense of  orthodontic work, you could still have an unbalanced bite. Your teeth might look beautiful – straight and white, but there could be invisible problems.

Your teeth don’t have to appear crooked to cause an unbalanced bite. You could have a perfectly straight set of teeth and still be suffering from all the symptoms of a misaligned bite – headaches, facial deformity, mouth-function issues, ringing in the ears, cracking and popping in the jaw, numbness in your arms and fingers and numerous additional symptoms.

An unbalanced bite affects your entire body. The way your teeth ‘mesh’ together is the single most important factor in the activity of your jaw muscles. An unbalanced bite will create muscle imbalance resulting in pain, discomfort and irritation from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

So…if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above – even if your teeth look perfect from the outside, have your bite checked for possible TMJ problems.


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