What’s wrong with me?

Are you always physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted?

You may have spent weeks, months and probably years trying to figure out why, without being able to come to a solution. All your questions are still unanswered, and you are getting increasingly more frustrated and exhausted. You can relax as your search for a solution can end now.

Your dream of a world where you are upbeat, happy and enthusiastic to participate in your life can come true. You can have a full night of sleep and wake up feeling rested and reinvigorated. A visit to Dr. Eddie Siman, a reputable sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, can give you the information and relief you need to get your normal life back.

The impact and effects of not getting enough sleep

Sleep apnea affects your ability to sleep peacefully, and it is a medical condition. When you cannot get a full night of rest, you will naturally be tired and irritable in the morning. You will feel sleepy during the day, unable to concentrate and have a lack of enthusiasm to participate in activities around you.

For example, you may not put in an effort to eat right or exercise regularly. Overall, your quality of life is affected.

Symptoms of sleep apnea are

  • depression, anxiety and stress
  • easily irritated and quick to get angry
  • difficulty in remembering things and concentrating
  • reduces your life span by 20 years, when left untreated
  • increased risk for a stroke and heart attack (more than high blood pressure or smoking)
  • raises your risk of congestive heart failure
  • raises blood pressure
  • increases your risk of atrial fibrillation
  • constant reduction in blood flow to the brain
  • decay and deterioration of your teeth because of clenching and grinding during the night
  • constant clenching and grinding lead to tension headaches and aggravates symptoms of TMJ/TMD
  • impotency
  • low tolerance of pain
  • hinders your immune system
  • impairs your body’s ability to heal and grow
  • causes adults to get up and urinate frequently during the night
  • causes children to wet their bed

The only remedy is a good night of sleep

If you are tired all the time because you cannot sleep and you experience any of the symptoms described above, then don’t put off getting a proper diagnosis and treatment. Your situation is only going to get worse.

Sleep is an essential part of your body’s ability to stay healthy. All of the organs in your body rely on regular sleep to function correctly. Even your blood flow and your body’s ability to regulate hormones are hindered without a good dose of deep slumber. Serious diseases such as strokes, heart attacks and cardiovascular disease will increase the longer you go without enough rest.

You may not be experiencing severe symptoms yet; mainly just discomfort because you snore, but this should not be left untreated as snoring eventually leads to other serious symptoms. You may not realize your breathing way is blocked, and that your heart is being deprived of oxygen throughout the night. This is one of the reasons a loss of adequate sleep has an impact on heart disease, developing high blood pressure and strokes.

Sleep apnea is a chronic and ongoing condition that needs to be treated immediately so that your health does not deteriorate. Years of not getting enough sleep is detrimental to your health. Unfortunately, the symptoms often go undiagnosed as doctors don’t catch the signs during routine checkups.

A night of good, solid sleep is all you need…

Snoring is an obvious symptom, but many are not. Call Dr. Eddie Siman, a sleep disorder dentist in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, for a consultation so that your sleeping disorder can be properly diagnosed, and you can have your energetic life back.


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